ShoreTel, the leading provider of brilliantly simple unified communications (UC) solutions and phone systems, recently announced that the AMPC Center of Excellence Bataan Peninsula Outsourcing (ACE BPO), a business division of Abucay Multi-Purpose Cooperative (‘AMPC’), in the Philippines is relying on a ShoreTel Unified Communications and Enterprise Contact Center solution to build a brand new business process outsourcing business.

Designed to provide telephony and contact center functionality for up to 1,800 agents, the new ShoreTel-powered infrastructure offers ACE BPO a smooth and cost-effective way to scale its capacity and meet escalating customer demand for its services.

“I’m a believer in the ShoreTel solution, which provides us with the solid baseline we need for all our unified communications and contact center functions. As a result of ShoreTel’s innovations, we can implement a single telephony image and a single client to help us scale to 1,800 devices at the end of 2016,” said Armando Osias, Managing Director of ACE BPO.

To ensure optimal cost efficiencies, flexibility, standardization and the highest levels of data security, ACE BPO designed and implemented a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. At that time, ShoreTel was the only company who could collaborate with the provider of the VDI to successfully deliver an integrated solution that could work. 

“We are excited to support ACE BPO integrating ShoreTel’s UC and contact center solutions in their existing infrastructure. Providing complete functionality and the ability to rapidly scale operations, it is a brilliantly simple way for organizations – ranging in size from five people to five thousand – to operate extremely flexibly and cost-effectively,” said Frederic Gillant, VP of Asia Pacific, ShoreTel.

ACE BPO has been able to take advantage of all the core features of ShoreTel’s IP telephony and unified communications solution, utilising ShoreTel’s softphone client with a Plantronics USB headset as standard for each workstation. However, the benefits of integrating the UC components as part of the VDI solution are much greater than just scale. 

“We now have the flexibility to move anyone in the company anywhere without any set-up required. If we need to grow our customer retention or billing operations from 20 to 50 agents, we can do it that immediately,” said Osias.

The UC solution has enabled ACE BPO to deliver unprecedented levels of security in relation to its clients’ data. There are no local drives on the agent’s desktop, no ability to transmit or save data externally, and all the desktops are reset when the agent logs in on their next shift. The 24x7 environment is also fully redundant, with 99.999 percent availability and full disaster recovery and business continuity set up in a separate facility.

“We are operating with about 95 percent inbound and 5 percent outbound calls and, like everything else on our ShoreTel system, it is easy for us to change. We can reconfigure everything into an altogether different environment within five minutes,” said Osias. 

ACE BPO is planning to expand their service to 1,800 agents by the end of the year. That means the company will be bringing on an average of 200 new staff every month. Moreover, this new outsourcing operation will play a significant role in providing a meaningful career path for the region’s younger generation. (PR)

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