LG Quadbeat 1 is surprisingly a good discovery as a budget audiophile find. It was on the level of other highly regarded in ear monitors like Sony MH1C and VSonic VC02. Then late last year LG updated this into something even more surprisingly good, the LG Quadbeat 2 as a bundle to one of the best smartphone early this year the G2!

LG Quadbeat 2 Mini Review
Meet the gorgeous Quadbeat 2!

Fortunately, We were able to have a unit of this miraculously good and fun monitors. Now lets take a deeper look to this set. :)

Build Quality, Style and Functionality

LG Quadbeat 2 Mini Review
Great Quality L-Jack
Solidly built! I'm quite surprised on how LG was able to put this type of build quality into this budget set. There are very little micro-phonics (cable noise) on the cables, its flat cable isn't so fat and not annoying at all (flat cable done right!), the plastic body and the microphone part was well built too and the aluminum body was well machined too!

Style-wise this is a very elegant looking set, not too flashy but very very very good looking. I would put this on RHA MA350 level in that department.

LG Quadbeat 2 pretty much work on all MP3 devices and laptops (with no mic functionality), however when it comes to smartphones it only works for Samsung and LG devices (from what I've tried) and it doesn't work with most of the local branded phones with the likes of MyPhone and others. (You can make it work by using some smart adapters like FiiO LU1 or some Amplifiers)

Comfort, Fit and Isolation

Surprisingly lightweight and really comfy! This is one of the most comfortable sets I've tried to date. It simply disappears on my on my ears once I put it on and there is very little fatigue. I even can wear this one for hours. Isolation-wise, I can hardly hear anything on the outside world even on low volumes.

Sound Quality

LG Quadbeat 2 Mini Review
A closer look to QB2's body and mic :)
Now lets go to the most important part of this review, Quadbeat 2 is definitely priced really low for its sound performance. It has a slightly V-Shape signature, an average soundstage with good airy presentation, tons of mid-bass (could be good or bad for some, if too much you can lower the sub-bass by 3-7db depending on your taste), lovely extended treble, great mids and produces very good vocals! 

LG Quadbeat 2 Mini Review
Measurements by Golden Ears
Amazingly for the price this is one of the most detailed sets with good sound layering I've heard to date, this even defeats E10M, MH1C, its baby brother Quadbeat 1 and VC02. Some even hyped this to be better than RE400, GR07 and Philips Fidelio S2. From memory GR07 is still better than QB2.


An absolute steal! Quadbeat 2 is undoubtedly one of the best sets under P 4,000.00 even puts some Sennheiser and other mainstream brands under 5k to shame. Good looks, plus good build, full of features plus hi fidelity sound. How can you go wrong with that? Plus here's the catch, you can even get this for free when you get LG G2. Nuffsaid! Good job LG!

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