Havi B3 Pro I is a rare type of Dual BA IEM that's really balanced and ultra detailed. This IEM is currently making a lot of noise via head-fi due to the insane sound it offers for the price! When one of the few owners of Havi B3 Pro 1 in the country told me that he'll sell this gem, I did not hesitate to grab it immediately.

Havi B3 Pro I Initial Review, A Soundstage and Clarity Monster! Update!
Meet the beast havi b3
In result here's our preview of Havi B3 Pro 1!


  • Frequency response:10-20KHz
  • THD:<0.1%(Ikhz/100db SPL)
  • Impedance:32ohms
  • Sensitivity:115dB/mW
  • Gold Plated 3.5mm Jack

Packaging / Accessories

Havi B3 Pro I Initial Review, A Soundstage and Clarity Monster! Update!
Love the cases included!
  • 1 Zippered clam shaped IEM case
  • 1 Soft cloth extra iem bag
  • 1 Microfiber Cloth
  • 1 Pair of medium sized black comply type foam eartips
  • 1 Pair of medium sized double flange black silicone tips
  • 3 Pairs of different sized black-red single flange silicone tips (looks like hybrids but stiffer
  • 1 Black shirt clip for cable management 
  • 1 Crystal clear iem box for storage
  • 3 Sizes of Senn double flange eartips (Available on the new packaging)

Even though only got a second hand unit, I was quite fortunate to see and have the carrying case and some of the tips. Overall the package was great and is really full of useful accessories!

Design / Comfort / Isolation

Havi B3 Pro I Initial Review, A Soundstage and Clarity Monster! Update!
That flat 4 cable type is super rare
Design - Havi B3 is a beautifully crafted classy looking IEM. It looks like a custom in ear monitor from afar and it also looks like the bigger brother of Sennheiser IE80. The cables are also pretty intriguing, the last time I saw a cable style like this was with the baby stax (only via internet). I was actually surprised on how huge this IEM look, its body looks a little bigger than Monoprice 9927 (Considering that Monoprice 9927 is already very huge for a non custom IEM). I also like the touch of gorilla glass in this one which looks really sexy! However, it is a fingerprint magnet, fortunately most users like me will just ignore that. :)

Comfort - It's comfort level is surprisingly great considering its huge size, from memory this fits me better compared to VSonic VSD3 and Monoprice 9927. The included tips also have great comfort, but I choose to use the colored hybrid tips from VSonic because it fits be better. Be also mindful that Havi B3 is very tip dependent, it may make or break the sound and comfort of this IEM. The wearing style is more comfortable via over ear style compared to the conventional one, plus there is less microphonics when worn overear. :)

Isolation - I expected Havi B3 to have minimal isolation due to its large size and shallow fit like monoprice 9927, but I was wrong. This is my 3rd best isolating IEM aside from VSonic VC02 and LG Quadbeat 2.

Build Quality

Havi B3 Pro I Initial Review, A Soundstage and Clarity Monster! Update!
The gold plated 3.5mm gold plated plug
Havi B3 Pro I Initial Review, A Soundstage and Clarity Monster! Update!
There's the cable cinch!
Havi B3 Pro I Initial Review, A Soundstage and Clarity Monster! Update!
The baby stax like flat cables is sexy!
The body of Havi B3 is made out of high quality plastic and the face plate is a gorilla glass 2! The cables are a bit rubbery and fairly thick as well, but not as good as the cables found on VSonic VSD3 and Ostry KC06/a. Overall the build was decent and should last long with proper care and use. However, I wished that Havi made their cables a little better even with a little price hike.

Fortunately, Havi B3 is very easy to repair. In case the wires loosen-up I'm quite sure that the DIY guys from headphiles can quickly repair this. I'd say that Havi B3 Pro 1 have a higher chance of repair-ability compared to the very easy to repair Monoprice 9927!


This is where Havi B3 Pro 1 beats almost everyone at this price! 

At 1st I did not like the sound of Havi B3 Pro 1 when I tried it via phone, because it was a little thin sounding. Then I decided to give it another try after reading that this could be even better than the $350 quad armature driver UE900. Then I learned that this is very picky when it comes to sources and is really hard to drive. When plugged via my laptop and good dac/amp is where Havi B3 really shined! 

The sound signature is really flat, balanced and neutral sounding. Plus this is one of the most detailed dynamic drivers for me which is even better than RE400 according to my taste and memory. Usually dynamic dual drivers are really bass heavy, but that's not the case with Havi B3, it still have enough bass for me and really kicks that sweet sub-bass when needed. Plus the speed of sound accuracy is actually comparable to dual armature sets like Rock it sounds R50! The mids are also super sweet especially on female vocals. Plus the highs extends really really well and have that sweet sparkling feel that most high-end in ear monitors offers. Nina Live Album sounded heavenly with this one! :)

The most adorable feature of this IEM is its HUGE Soundstage, probably the largest soundstage I've heard from an IEM to date! The good thing with its soundstage didn't sound artificial given its wide spectrum. The realism of the soundstage is also unreal I can depict every instrument and where they are coming from. This in ear monitor debunk the myth stating that IEMS cannot have headphone like soundstage.

Overall, Havi B3 Pro 1 is reference grade in ear monitors which do not require you to shell out PHP 15K! :)

Note 1: a good dac/amp and source is necessary to make this IEM really shine
Note 2: make sure to pick the right tips for the right sound. hybrids sounded the best for me.
Note 3: Not as fun sounding as its competition in the price namely: (Tenore, VDS3, KC06a), but Havi B3 is technically superior in the detail and soundstage department.

As of the moment

To my ears, it's a tossup between Ostry KC06a and Havi B3 Pro 1 as the best IEM under 10k, I have had 50 hours with this In Ear Monitors and I'm a very satisfied user. Sound-wise, I cannot ask for more as this is really one of the clearest sounding and have one of the largest soundstage I've heard in an in ear monitor at any price point. Bassheads may need to look somewhere else, but for fans of crystal clear voices and sparkling highs this is an amazing buy! There are concerns in its build quality, but the ease of customization and repair-ability rate of this monitors is really high solves that problem. I am actually excited to custom the cables of this one in the very near future. 

Where to buy it?

I don't know if Sir Rome of pspaccessories TipidPC will sell this in the near future, but for international shipping visit: http://penonaudio.com/

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