After giving this IEM enough burn-in time, the RHA MA70i has been my favorite warm and smooth IEM for the past month. What I like more about this set is it has that style, toughness and microphone that made it perfect for my on the go lifestyle. Plus this has also that technical capability to back it up. Now here's out full review!

RHA MA750i Full Review, Great Sound Meets Class And Toughness!
The solid looking MA750i!
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Comfort / Isolation / Microphonics

The comfy earhooks of MA750i
When it comes to comfort, the MA750i did a great job. I was able to wear it for hours without fatiguing. The housing is quite small that makes it sit perfectly in my ears, the ear-hook molded cables is also made out of good materials that doesn't irritate my skin and lastl the eartips used is made out of good quality silicons.

Isolation-wise, the MA750i blocks the outside noise just enough, but it doesn't isolate as good as the LG Quadbeat 2 and VC02. It's more on the average side of isolation that should be more than enough for most. Again even if it doesn't have super isolation, I won't still recommend to wear this while crossing the streets.

When it comes to the Microphonics part (cable noise), it is non-existent. Thanks to its over-ear design and the in-ability to wear this one straight down. Most people who's sensitive to that won't have a problem with this one.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the most important part of this review which is the sound quality. The RHA MA750i definitely delivered! The overall level of sound quality is up there with other highly regarded in ear monitors like GR07, VSD3s, Havi B3 Pro 1, KC06a and Hifiman RE400! Plus I can directly say to you that this performs on a Hi-Fi level and it doesn't lag that much compared to ultra expensive in ear monitors.The difference there is the RHA MA750i feels more durable than the rest of them.

Body of MA750i
Now going back to the sound, the MA750i has that full, warm and very smooth sounding sound signature. The bass part is very good especially on its sub-bass part due to its good deep emphasis and control. The good thing about the bass part is it is not overpowering, just enough to give you that good thump and pump. The mids is one of the strongest point of this in ear monitor, it has that surprising awesome clarity for a quite "bassy iem" and very full bodied! While the Brainwavz S0 has very good mids, the MA750i can beat it side by side. The highs of this IEM also did a great job, it was non fatiguing, has good reach and bright enough for me.

When it comes to the soundstage and separation the MA750i performs on a very high level. Listening to live tracks is outstanding as you can almost hear it like you're there and the details were very much present as you can easily determine where the sound is coming from. It is still not as 3D as the Havi B3 Pro 1 and other headphones, but the MA750i is definitely better than most IEMS under PHP 8K.

Then the microphone also performed on a very good level! The MA750i is very good for phone calls as your voice will be very clear. I tried to record my voice using this too and there's very little noise that makes its mic better than a lot of IEMs I've used.

Overall, the MA750i is a very good all-rounder. It can easily match up with any type of music compared to other in ear monitors that are just good with certain genres. I'm sure that a lot of people will definitely love its great genre adaptability. Aside from that it is also very easy to drive. It sounded fantastic with iDevices, a lot better with real HiFi players like the MX4 Pro and FiiO X1. However, there are some Android phones that may not be compatible to this. (I suggest that you use something like the FiiO LU1 to make it work)

Pros - Outstanding build quality, 3 years warranty, stylish design, awesome audio quality, great all rounder

Cons -Cables could be a bit heavy for some


If you're looking for an in ear monitor that has outstanding sound quality, great style, comfort and durability that's compatible with iDevices. The RHA MA750i could be the one you are looking for. Some may say that PHP 7,500 might be too high for an in ear monitor, but for the sound and overall package the MA750 posses they're wrong. It has that addicting full bodied sound with great bass response that makes RHA MA750i a great bang per buck contender.

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