Google's Chrome Web browser for desktop and mobile devices will soon be able to load pages more quickly than ever and consume less data which is why we need to thank their new Brotli compression algorithm.
Google Chrome to be faster than ever!
Google Chrome to be faster than ever!

Google claimed that that the Brotli compression algorithm can reduce file size up to 26 percent more than existing compression methods. Brotli was introduced last September 2015. It is also said that Brotli could possibly help in reducing battery usage or saving battery on mobile devices / gadgets.

Brotli means in Swiss-German is "small bread". Brotli is entirely "new data format" which is better in packing data at the same time good at decompressing and has the same speed as other solutions.

There is a study where Google measured the speed and ratio of Brotli, Deflate, Zopfli, LZMA, LZHAM and Bzip2 Compression Algorithms in which they found out that Brotli format used less CPU usage among all the algorithm.

Brotli is still in very early stages, but once completed & fully tested, it might be implemented anytime soon. If you want to try the applied Brotli, you can try the Chrome Canary (it is Google's browser for testing new features before final release). This is very exciting! We hope webpages could load faster and consume less data soon!

Source: The Next Web

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