Good News SKK Lynx users! SKK just released a new firmware update to your smartphone. It has an update size of 10.31 MB that adds additional optimization on some functions of the system and fixed some bugs.

 New SKK Lynx Update
If you wanted to updated your Lynx now, just make sure to do the following steps...

1. Connect to a WiFi network or turn on your 3G connection (Make sure that it's fast enough and stable) 
2. Go to "Settings" then "About Phone" and tap "Check Updates"
3. Once you detected the update, click "Update Now"
4. Make sure that your battery is enough (At least 30% to make sure charge it while updating)
5. Do not turn off the device and do anything while the during the update
6. Wait until you see the "Installation Successful" message before using the phone again

It's that easy, you now have the latest version of the phone. Enjoy and please share here your improvement experience.

Are we going to see the Lollipop update next? :) Paging SKK Mobile!

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