According to reports, MyPhone is now silently accepting Kitkat Updates in their service centers. The phones that could be updated includes: MyPhone Rio, MyPhone Rio Lite, MyPhone Rio Fun and MyPhone Infinity!

Kitkat Update For MyPhone Infinity And Rio Series Now Available Via MyPhone's Service Center
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However there won't be an over the air update (OTA) on the said models because the files were huge. You can only update it via MyPhone's service centers that's located in several places around the Philippines. When it comes to the Rio Model, only Rio Version 1 and Rio Version 2 can be be updated. Another thing is there will be a charge of PHP 200.00 as a service charge.

Check out the list of MyPhone's Service Center: Click Here!

You may also call: 456-888 for more information.

In case you don't want to pay for PHP 200.00 you can flash an Android Kitkat ROM to your phone at your own risk. Checkout the different MyPhone groups for reference.

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