In a press release by Smart Communications, the commitment to provide free internet connection through installation of WiFi hotspots in UP campuses nationwide has been already formalized. The Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was signed between Alfredo E. Pascual, president of UP, and by Orland B. Vea, Smart's chief Wireless Advisor at the UP Executive House.

Smart Communications Will Install Free WiFi Hotspots in UP Campuses Nationwide

According to UP president, Mr. Pascual:

"This is more than just a simple triumph of technology.  The hotspots will be a catalyst in unifying the seven constituent universities and one constituent college of the UP System and will signal the start of greater collaboration between UP and Smart in bringing Philippine education into the 21st century."

Initially, the company will install 120 hotspots in UP campuses. In addition to the base stations that are already inside UP, another 8 will be installed.

Based on the agreement, UP students can only access the websites whitelisted by Smart and UP for free. Websites that are not whitelisted can still be accessed for free but will have a 30 minutes per day limit. Beyond that, usual rates will be charged. 



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