Rumors about the Apple iPad Pro continues! The larger and education-focused iPad model is set to compete with Microsoft's Surface Pro 3's market. However the company will be releasing a more compact 12.2-inch display compared to 12.9-inch rumored display of Surface Pro 3.

Apple's iPad Pro Rumored To Be as Thin as iPhone 6, Comes with 12.2-inch Display and Extra Speakers

Rumors suggested that the iPad Pro will look like a jumbo iPad 2 but won't be as slim as the iPad Air 2 (measuring 6.1mm). Moreover, it will be as thin as an iPhone 6. So given that statement, it's safe to assume that it will measure between 6.9mm (size of iPhone 6) and 7.1 mm (iPhone 6 Pro's).

It will also feature two additional speakers and an additional microphone that will probably give you a stereo-like audio experience! Pretty interesting additional feature here!

The iPad Pro is set to be available in the first quarter of 2015. However, Apple seems to be planning to target Q4 of 2014 as an entry point for this tablet. 

Hmm, would you be interested to avail the iPad Pro (given the rumored specs)? What are your thoughts? Comment below!


Apple Insider
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