Wow! Imagine how are High School life would have been easier if this PhotoMath App and the existing technology was created that time. In just a snap of your phone's camera, it can solve different math equations by popping it in front of you. 

PhotoMath App Can Solve Math Equations With the Use Of Your Phone's Camera

PhotoMath App supports problems with decimals, fractions, powers, roots, arithmetic expressions and simple linear equations. How cool is that? The application was developed by MicroBlink, the company who's also behind the PhotoPay. The PhotoPay and PhotoMath's concepts are almost the same. In Photo Pay, you just have to take a picture of your bill using your phone's camera, then the money from your bank will be used to pay the bill.

To see how it works, check this video out

The App is now available for free in Windows Phone and Apple App Store. The Android Version of this app is set to be released early next year.


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