This isn't just an ordinary email app from Google, meet the all new "Inbox" and it's now for invite-only that works for Chrome browser, Android phones and iPhones. It is completely native and definitely fast on all system.

This is still a Gmail app, but it works like Google Now, that it displays info cards appear right in line in your personalized messaging list like displaying the flight times, package tracks and photos.

It also intelligently bundles email into groups that you can quickly dismiss. All emils will be collapsed down in a single line in your inbox unlike the categories in the Gmail. You can also drill and pin the ones you want to save and you can dismiss the others. Also an automagical  parsing of phone numbers and addresses will be applied in the algorithms if you ever needed them.
The "Inbox" web version
Material Design

The new "Inbox" app features the the all new material design is a great showcase for Google Android's Lollipop. The animations are fast and smooth, text is clean and the menu bars are colored. The iPhone version has a bit more muted on design elements. Jason Cornwell, the lead designer for Gmail, stated that "We wanted these apps to feel like they're at home on every platform", "but they still should feel really coherent".

iPhone Inbox App
Nexus 5 (Android) Inbox App

Inbox Video Preview 


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