The truth about bullying is something that people need to come to terms with. There are people and groups who still justify acts of violence as a means of testing a person’s strength and loyalty. This is especially evident in the campus environments that most schools in the Philippines have. People have to understand that bullying is not wholly limited to physical violence. Emotional violence can even be more harmful than physical abuse as it can lead to long term emotional trauma that can dramatically affect a person’s life.

These are the issues that Bullyproof PH seeks to address. Initiated early this year, it will formally launch on the 24th of October at the iACADEMY Plaza. The launch precede the first workshop that Bullyproof PH will formally facilitate under the name of the initiative. Bullyproof’s official website, will also be launched online on the same day.

Jake Aragon, the Head of the Student Affairs in iACADEMY is a part of the Bullyproof PH core team and has been facilitating workshops on Anti-Bullying. Bullyproof PH means to spread information and train teachers, counsellors, parents, and even students how to handle bullying situations.

“You have to first realize that victims of bullying can turn out to be bullies to compensate for what they have undergone. Some turn their feelings inwards, which leads to greater depression and anxiety. On the extreme, bullying can lead to suicide or homicide. This is why it’s important that we push this movement forward, to prevent the rising number of unnecessary violence and deaths,” says Aragon.

“We hope that our initiative will take a clearer form, so that we can expand the reach of our advocacy. Bullying is a real problem that a lot of people brush aside. Things have to change and we must end the prevailing culture of fear and violence,” adds Vanessa Tanco, President and CEO of iACADEMY.

The first Bullyproof PH Anti-bullying workshop will be held at the Auditorium of the iACADEMY Plaza from 1-5pm, 24 October 2014. For inquiries email

Source: via iAcademy

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