If you're planning a Halloween party for your kids, playing a Halloween game is a must! If it's not in your party list yet, check out these exciting and fun Halloween games that the kids will surely enjoy!

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1. Zombie Eyeballs Relay

How to play it: Like the typical relay, form the players into group(number of groups and members per group is up to you). Each member will carry the eyeballs using a plastic spoon in their mouth. Starting from the base position, the member races to a designated spot then back to the base (starting point).

Exciting Halloween Games for Kids
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2. Witch Hat Ring Toss Game

How to play it: Players should toss the ring into the hat.

Exciting Halloween Games for Kids
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 Here's another style...

Exciting Halloween Games for Kids
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3. Pumpkin and Eyeball Game

How to play it: All you need is a pumpkin basket and pingpong balls. To add a thrill, draw an eyeball to the pingpong balls.The game is pretty straightforward. Players should bounce the ball into the basket. the first person to complete the task will win.

Exciting Halloween Games for Kids
From Jennwa

4. Pumpkin Bowling

Use a pumpkin as a bowling ball and designed the cups to make it look like a ghost. 

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