Filipinos loves shopping anywhere, especially during holiday seasons - in the malls, markets and practically everywhere including the very convenient Online Shopping. With the progress of technology, we are lucky to be able to shop online on what we want and delivered directly to our doorstep. Oh, it's that easy now unlike in the past.

You might want to try Lamido a new online shopping site that offers cash-on-delivery service and you may become a trusted seller too in their online shopping business! You can buy a wide range of products from Fashion, Electronics, Jewelry, Accessories, Books and many other more. In a perfect online shop in this upcoming holiday season, you might want to check Start shopping now!

Currently they are offering the services of:
- Easy online shopping - find and shop the product you want with few clicks away
- Become a trusted seller - you may apply as a seller too! 
- Shipping services - they have a built-in shipping service that will deliver products right into your doorstep.
- Payment Services options: 
   > Lamido Safe Pay (Bank Transfer) - check here more about it.
   > Cash on Delivery (COD) - Yes you heard it right! You can pay right after they delivered the item, just like ordering a pizza!

They sale a lot of best deal cheap items! You might want to check:  Lamido buy and sell

Lamido Safepay

Check out the details on how the Lamido Safepay works:
Easy to buy right?

Lamido Buyer Protection

Lamido promises buyer 100% money back guarantee if there any issues that arise due to the seller. They also values their customer satisfaction and concerns.

How does the Lamido Buyer Protection scheme work? 

They check every transaction to ensure both parties will be protected in shopping. It there will be any issues arising regarding your shopped item, also to be eligible Lamido Buyer Protection Scheme, you may contact the seller within 48 hours after purchase and attempt to find a resolution with them. 

The buyers can ask Lamido to check and review their case and be able to make a final decision when the seller doesn't contact or fail to resolve any resolution to the buyer. Lamido will serve as a trusted intermediary between the buyer and the seller of the item/s and will ensure that the disputes will be resolved.

As a buyer, here are the valid reasons to apply for Lamido Buyer Protection:
- Not receiving item after 14 days of payment
- Receiving a different item that is  described in the listing
- Receiving a damaged item
- Recieving an item that was described different from the item description

Resolution Process
- Lamido will help in the buyer and seller to resolve the dispute
- Lamido will act as an intermediary to understand the the cause of dispute and make a fair judgement
- Lamido will resolve the complaint within 30 days from the date the complaint is raised. If the Lamido Buyer Protection Scheme fails find a resolution they will refund 100% price of the item.

How can I be refunded?
You can be refunded by Lamido Safepay:
- Responding to the issue by providing a proof to Lamido that the item was accurately described in the listing
- Delivering a replacement item in accordance with the original item description
- Refunding the buyer at the full cost of item + shipping

How can I file a claim?
In an event of an issue you can call the Lamido Customer Service team where in they'll record and assist you in the problem. 
Contact no.: 02-795-8929

Lamido Mobile App
They do have a mobile app, you can download it for easy shopping experience!

It's very easy to navigate the UI of the app and is understandable!

You download it at Google Play, click the button below:

What are you waiting for? Start to shop this coming holiday season with Lamido buy and sell!

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