Most earphones are not that durable. Some have good bodies but poor cables, others have fragile plastic bodies and aren't really built well. If you wanted an earphone with a sturdy build, get ready to shell out several thousands. 

What if you don't have enough budget for that? Taking care of your unit is probably the best solution. We compiled some tips on how you can take good care of your in-ear monitors or earphones to make them last longer. :) 

IEM in the photo: Xiaomi Pistons 2.0
So here's some of our tips...

Keep your head unit clean

Use a microfiber cloth to avoid damaging your earphones while cleaning
Keeping your earphones clean is keeping your set fresh! Most people don't know that their earphones may not sound as good as it used to be when the nozzles or filters are dirty. 

Aside from that, maintaining it clean will help you prevent skin irritations and other types of complications to your ears and skin.

Keep your filters clean! IEM in the photo: RHA MA600i

Avoid cranking out the volume too loud!

This may inflict damage to your earphones unless the head unit your are using can withstand a lot of power. Aside from that too loud volume may damage your ears. Nobody wants to be deaf right? Also be careful not to plug earphones to over powerful sources such as max powered amplifiers.

Avoid tangles!

Tangles can cause stress to the cables of your earphones which may result to malfunctioning of the sound or ruining your in ear monitors.

Tip: Get in ear monitors or earbuds with twisted cables or the ones coated with TPU, because they rarely tangle and is more durable compared to regular headphone cables or flat cables.

Keep it away from pets!

Sometimes our pets are just too playful :) 
I've had a number of earphones molested by my pet cat. They think of it as a toy especially when not arranged properly. They'll just destroy it without showing mercy! In general, keep your earphones off your pets!

Put them on a safe place

An example of a carrying case from MeeElectronics
Use a case or a carrying pouch! It secures your beloved sound gems to prevent damages and dirt to enter your earphones.

Tip 1: Do not leave your earphones on the ground. Somebody might step on it and only very few earphones can withstand that pressure.

Tip 2: Do not sleep on your earphones. It may cause some damage if you accidentally pulled the wires.

Tip: 3 Do not wet your earphones. It may damage the drivers especially if it's an armature iem.

Clean your eartips

Eartips from: Brainwavz Beta
Cleaning your eartips regularly prevents your earwax to clog the nozzles and filters of your in ear monitors (IEM). The clogging may cause imbalance and poor sound.

That's it! Taking care of your earphones / in ear monitors is just that easy. Try to apply these tips and make your head unit last longer. It will save you money from buying earphones time to time, unless your hobby is to collect audio stuff. :P


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