After contacting Ankama Philippines, out of sheer delight they have sent us these very cool toys from their great games namely the Dofus' Raoul Bak and Wakfu's Remington. Check out more details below about the toys.

Raoul Bak Wakfu Toy
Meet Raoul Bak a Magician type character from Dofus game
I am a bit curious about this Raoul Bak character as it reminds me of with Final Fantasy 's Vivi Ornitier, it is a little bit similar or perhaps they are the same magician character type in their games. This figure is a collectible one specially to the gamers of Dofus. I have tried the game itself in the past years, we'll I like the gameplay and specially the great visual artwork. You can try it guys, download it via

As you can see, there are 32 action figures available to collect
Here are the plate token and character card included in the box 

I personally want magician type characters when playing these role playing games. Aside from the super magical and heavy damage that the magician can give, most of the times it's harder to train or level them up as they're very weak at first, thus it's a challenging character to have. 

Here are some details about the the toy:

Edition: Season 2
Figure Number: 04 / 32
Language: French
Figure comes with:
- 1 Character Card
- 1 Plate Token
- 1 code to get the equivalent of Krosmaster online

The toy itself is very good in quality, you can see the details and the paint an color is good.
The plastic does not appear like a cheap plastic. It is sold on Ebay or Amazon at Php250 to Php300.

Remington's Wakfu
Here is Wakfu's Remington brief background: He is part of the most prestigious families of thieves, the Smisses, which is made up of some of the most renowned crooks, like a certain Ewesson Smisse, or the infamous Vil Smisse.

Remington distinguishes himself from the others most notably by his "shushuted" weapons. If his boomerang ululates when it's thrown, or the bullets of his gun are chattering louder than a Chicago Typewriter, or his sword bays at the moon when it's drawn from it's sheath, it's because his weapons have shushu demons encased inside them!

If there is one game that I'd like to try, it's Wakfu. It's an exciting MMORPG game to look on. By the way the game itself is free you can download it via Steam. You can check out our article about Wakfu here.

Remington the rogue class and shushu demon
The toy looks very awesome! I also like the build of it
The complete set of  Remington 
Remington toy with the clear plastic stand
The clear plastic stand for the toy
The backside of the toy with the sword
Sideview of the toy
Shushu demon
Some weapons (gun, sword & dagger), extra hands and head (with different facial expressions) 
The complete set of the toy included
Here are some more details about Remington toy:

- 17 movable joints
- 3 interchangeable faces
- 3 pairs of interchangeable
- Accessories
- A class item and a stand

As you can see the toy's body part can be separated and is highly customizable. I personally want the build of the toy as the clothes are soft plastic (which resembles like a cloth in texture), there are different customizations like there are different heads, hands, weapons and detachable clothes. The overall build is good and in quality. You can purchase one on sites like Ebay and Amazon for Php1,400 to Php2,000.
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