Recently, there was a leak of the design of their soon to be released Meizu MX4 Pro! As usual, Meizu is lauded for their great looking phones and Meizu MX4 Pro seems to be a clear step up compared to their older ones.

Meizu MX4 Pro Leaked! Design Inspired By Apple and Samsung?
Meizu MX4 leaked image from gizchina

Inspired by Apple and Samsung?

Meizu MX4 Pro Leaked! Design Inspired By Apple and Samsung?
Comes in black and white
The combination of both worlds is a common thing right now, almost every other smartphone out there is inspired by either Samsung or apple. As long as the design works flawlessly, feels and looks great I have no problem with everybody using the design of each other.

Based on the leaks, the design seems to have the same home button of Samsung. It is also said that the MX4 will have a fingerprint reader ala Apple. The overall looks of the phone looks seems to have the same thin bezels of their current flagship in MX4 which looks extremely sexy!

Rumored Specifications

  • Display: 5.36 inches at 2,560 x 1536 Resolution
  • Processor: Samsung Exynos 5430 octa core processor (To be confirmed)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • ROM: 16 / 32 / 64 GB
  • Rear Camera: 20.7 MP with LED flash
  • Front Camera: 13 MP
  • Connectivity:  Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi 802.11ac / 4G LTE
  • Dimensions: 143 x 74.1 x 7.9 mm
  • Price: (To be confirmed)

As the name suggest, the MX4 Pro should be an update over the current ultra powerful MX4! The specifications appears to be phenomenal and the usual pricing of Meizu is always really low! Now this got me pumped up to see what will be the final form of this phone would shape up. What I'm sure right now is it have the potential to be the leader of the pack in terms of raw computing power.

Who's excited about the MX4 Pro? Share your thoughts below. :)


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