As we all know, Apple will be holding an event on October 16th, where they will unveil the new iPad Air. Before its publication, photos of iPad Air 2 parts were leaked by, a taiwanese website. The leaked images includes Touch ID cable, logic board and the front panel. Check out the photos below.

Apple iPad Air 2 Parts Leaked!

Logic Board 

Based on the photo below, the logic board includes the what it seems to be an A8 processor chip from Apple along with the RAM. You can also see a dedicated space for the SIM card slot. 

Apple iPad Air 2 Parts Leaked!

Touch ID Cable

The picture shows a stainless steel ring with an empty center. This is where the Touch ID fingerprint sensor would be placed.

Apple iPad Air 2 Parts Leaked!

iPad Air 2 Front Panel (iPad Air Touch Glass)

The pictures reveal where the home button and front camera will be located. For the display, rumors suggested that the new iPad Air will have an integrated display and anti-reflective surface.

Apple iPad Air 2 Parts Leaked!

Apple iPad Air 2 Parts Leaked!

Aside from the iPad Air 2, Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad Mini, new Macs (possibly iMacs with retina display) and OS X Yosemite. Let's wait for the Apple iPad Event to confirm the rumors. Stay tuned for more updates.


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