Dofus is an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing) that's developed and published by Ankama Games. It has been translated into different languages that have success all over the world. Right now the game is being played by more than 170 million players worldwide.

Dofus released their latest DOFUS Update 2.23 - The Gears of Xelorium

Xelorium is the latest Divine Dimension of the Xelor's domain to be opened. Players is set to travel between the past, the present and the future as well as resisting the attack of Xelomorphs, Altdemons and the Lost.

There 3 new dungeon bosses to challenge!

  • Franktale
  • XLII
  • Vortex

There will be 3 never before seen monster families and their bosses, the Museum and its curious collections, 3 new dungeons (for level 120, 170, and 200), the owls (guardians of the Xelorium), new Feca class changes and the new Veteran Rewards. The Treasure Hunting system has also been improved with new clues and rewards.

Challenge them once you are ready! May the force be with you!


Fugitives Owls
Watch the trailer below

So MMORPG fans in the Philippines what are you waiting for? :)

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