People tend to make their smartphones dirty with daily use and abuse. So how do we clean it? Some are cleaning it using water or alcohol, but did you know that it might damage your smartphone or any gadgets if not properly used?

How to Clean Your Smartphone Properly?
You don't want to damage your phone right?
So here are the ways to safely clean your smartphone in 5 easy steps

1. Switch off your device

How to Clean Your Smartphone Properly?

Make sure to switch off your smartphone before cleaning. It's easier to properly clean your device when your phone is switched off.

2. Use the right cleaning materials! 

How to Clean Your Smartphone Properly?
Microfiber cloth
Of course you don't want to damage / scratch your phone with the use of wrong materials. Do not use rough materials like  rough towels. So my tip here is to just use subtle cleaning materials like a microfiber cloth, cotton, tissue and cotton buds.

Note 1: Make sure to use very small amount of alcohol / alcohol gel and water.
Note 2: To clean your microfiber cloth use warm water and soap.
Note 3: Sometimes dish-washing soap like joy could be effective against heavy dirt. (just make sure to wipe it with wet microfiber cloth after)

3. Brush your screen with either cotton or microfiber cable

Do not brush your screen too hard! Gentle brushing is enough most of the time. When cleaning plastic parts of the phone use small amount alcohol or water.

4. Use cotton buds on 3.5 mm female jack and ports

How to Clean Your Smartphone Properly?
Cotton buds is not only used to clean your ears :)
Most of the time it's harder to reach the jack and ports with the microfiber cloth. So in that case, use cotton buds to reach those parts. 

Note 1: Cleaning the 3.5 mm female port sometime fix un-even sound of the headphones plugged in your phone.

5. Dry your phone

This is self explanatory! That's it! :)


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