Just now, nokia.com is telling it's site visitor to check out the new home of the Lumia smartphones. The software giant just moved the entire Lumia line to it's new home at microsoft.com. This move could be Microsoft's preparation to remove the Nokia and Windows phone brand in the coming months.

Adios Nokia.com, Lumia Phones Moves to its New Home
Microsoft.com is Lumia's new home
Few years ago, Nokia was a force to be reckoned with and nobody expected them to change its brand. On a positive note, if there's an end there's always a new beginning. Nokia is not dead, it won't disappear with Microsoft because it's a partnership. There will just be a new branding and I'm quite sure that the old tough and reliable Nokia build and performance will be maintained by Microsoft.

At the moment, I'm currently excited on what's the future of Microsoft x Nokia mobile would look like. I currently have this weird feeling that they're up to something huge in the next few months. If that's the case that's definitely a great news for those who don't like Android and IOS. In my opinion, Windows Phone 8.1 OS is really underrated and a good choice for the studying and the working class.
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