iPhone's are notoriously mocked by Android users to have really bad durability especially at the time that their flagship smartphone was the iPhone 4. Times have changed though, starting with iPhone 5 they seem to amp up the durability of their phones. Fast forward 2014, iPhone 6 was released and for sure this phone will definitely slip more than a couple of time in your hands. So without adding a phone case the guys from phone buff are crazy enough to test the durability of the latest iPhone in the land.

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Drop Test Results
6 and 6 plus drop test!
Based on the video below, the new iPhone fared well with the back drop test. However when the 6 plus was dropped on the side, the screen shattered. The same goes with iPhone 6 when it was dropped to the floor face front. Fortunately, the phones are still working after those heartbreaking drops. Unfortunately both iPhone 6 and 6 plus failed the test. 

It seems that the new sapphire glass protection didn't work well enough and is not as indestructible as its perceived to be. So if you're planning to get the ridiculously priced iPhone 6 via local online stores (as it is not yet officially launched in the Philippines) better make sure to get a case too. Though, I guess no one here is fool enough to drop a PHP 100K smartphone at the moment.
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