The very popular audiophile high end favorite player has been updated recently, they look terrific and should sound amazing too! Dubbed as the new standard of music, check out AK100 II and AK120 II by Astell and Kern! Check out what will happen when you combine ultra hifi sound and all class style:

AK100 and AK120 Updated Version, and they look Terrific!
Check out these ultra high-end music player AK100 II and AK120 II
A little info, even though AK100 and AK120 is ridiculously priced high, I'm confident to say that they're definitely one of the best sounding music players in the world right now. These can drive (play) almost every headphone, earphones and in ear monitors and you won't be needing an external DAC or AMP.

Compared to their older versions they looked a little bigger and better build plus they looked terrific! (I'm also sure that they should sound amazing as well!) Just get ready to shell out tons of money, fortunately I'm really really sure that it will be worth it! Oh by the way AK100 II and 120 II isn't their top music player yet. (AK240)

The Price? :) An estimate of USD 999.00 for AK100 and USD 1,799.00 for AK120. Just imagine the price when it's here in the Philippines already. :)


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