As we mentioned before, Ekotek is really a promising gadget and electronic brand. 2 days ago me and my team was able to land a meeting with Ms. Grace, the marketing officer of Ekotek. As expected, we had a great time and she showed us some of their products, hinted us on their next releases and teased us with their future. :)

What's up with Ekotek?
Geeky Team with Ms. Grace of Ekotek

They showed us the company's great budget tablet ekotab 7 and 3 of their Ekopacks (Powerbanks). So we were able to take a good look on those products and was able to get some quick impressions on the ekotab (We'll be posting a review soon). Then we were able to take home 3 of their very functional high quality powerbanks for testing and reviews as well! :) (Oh by the way, we'll be giving away a 3000 mAh Ekopack so watch out for it, thanks to Ekoteks generosity!)
What's up with Ekotek?
The Ekopacks! 9600, 6000 and 3000 mAh
As usual to our delight, all of their products do have great build quality and have some really great packaging and accessories. As a matter of fact, I really wanted the Ekopack 9600 mAh for myself.

What's up with Ekotek?
The gorgeous Ekotab 7!
Ekotek also hinted that they'll be releasing some kitkat goodness on their products very soon, another thing is Ekotek will be having some really good accessories such as powerbanks and audio products in the near future. (I'll really keep an eye on those audio goodness)

That's it, for now the waiting game begins!

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