There are reports saying that the next Google Nexus (maybe named as the next Nexus 6!) smartphone would be affordable for everyone! It is around $100 or PHP4,000 only in estimate. Isn't that great?

Next Google Nexus Smartphone to be Priced Around PHP4,000
An artist's concept of the next Nexus 6 (Photo credit:

Well there maybe changes in the Nexus line of products like you may not expect the specs to be same range as the current flagship phone/s - Nexus 5 as per the rumors, Google is aiming that the next Nexus devices would be entry-level to mid range category (which means it is more affordable than before!). Though we could not down our expectations as the next Nexus might have higher specs rather than the reports says (I myself expect high end specs and more features in the next Nexus). Whatever the end product or decision of Google I personally think that the next Nexus would still be great as starting from the Nexus One up to the current version - Nexus 5 many people are impressed by the brand and product itself. Also the report says that it will be equipped with a MediaTek processor.

The next manufacturer of Nexus is undisclosed yet, previous brands who manufactured Nexus - HTC, Samsung and the current is LG, there are rumors that it maybe Sony or maybe another shot for LG. The next Google I/O Developer Conference is near, they may reveal more news about Android and next Nexus devices.

Whatever the outcome of the next Nexus it would be a real excitement, as a Google fanatic myself, it excites me knowing there would be next versions of Nexus and some great improvements. Looking forward to it! We will keep you all posted!

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