Now this got me pumped up, it made my day generally! Xiaomi is coming to various countries in Asia and across the Globe now including us, the Philippines! For those who do not know Xiaomi, they are currently the brand to beat in all the smartphone makers in China, they are specked, they have great build quality, very good user interface, and the most important of all a very low price.

Xiaomi Coming to the Philippine Market SOON!

Now that means we are getting this! The Redmi! View Here!

Xiaomi Coming to the Philippine Market SOON!

And this as well! Their flagship the Mi3!

Now the waiting game begins! Who's joining the Xiaomi fever? Oh by the way Global brands and our very own Local Smartphone Industry should definitely step up their game or else this Company is going to get a lot of their sales.

What's your take on this? Feel free to comment below. Have a nice day people! :)

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