Even though we have limited budget these days we may find affordable gadgets for the budget also this one is pretty cool and stylish! Not everyone is capable of buying those expensive gaming mice like the most famous Razor, R.A.T, etc.

Meet Newmen Ironman G306 Gaming Mice

Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse is Great for the Budget!
Just how cool is this gaming mouse with the special design of Iron man!

Inside the box

Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse

The box itself is so far cooler than expected, you'll feel that the mouse is quite expensive for it's look. As I glance in a mall store looking for a good mouse to give as a gift, the Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse hooked my eyes as seeing Iron man as the inspiration of the design is great! The brand maybe is new to hear but so far the product is good! More details after the jump!

This gaming mouse is glossy black colored with some silver metallic highlights on the sides, the design is different from the box as the Iron man color (the red one) is already unavailable in Octagon Megamall where I bought this one but so far I think the black one is way cooler than the two other color variation of the mouse, just the glowing blue eyes in the black mouse body is pretty fantastic. 

Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse
The glowing blue eyes in this gaming mouse makes it much cooler!

Buttons and Scroll

Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse

The buttons here are soft to click way different than those other mouse of unbranded ones that I have tried in the past, the experience is quite different. It made of plastic, as most of the mouse do, it is pretty comfty.

The scroll button is smooth to use when browsing pages or any other types of actions you can use when scrolling in the PC. 

The other side

Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse

Nothing much to see on the back aside from optical light that determines the location of the mouse cursor. It has a QC Passed sticker and Made in China embedded on it (oh come on, almost all of our gadgets are produced/assembled in China, it is now on the manufacturer's consent of the quality is really checked and sealed :D)

Using the mouse itself on cursors tests - the movement were pretty good and smooth that is to be expected to a gaming mouse. It is also quite precise in the movement as it is 1000CPI (Count Per Inch). As for gaming, it worked well as expected, it's pretty precise and fast (well sometimes you may need to adjust your PC's mouse settings to fully maximize it)


  • Iron man shape - Newmen solely Iron man appearance patent, fasionable
  • Ergonomic design - designed to fit a natural hand position for greater comfort and ease-of-use
  • Game level performance - apply high performance optical engine, fixed positioning and more accurate
  • High speed movement - 1000CPI resolution, easy and fast to move the cursor
  • Teflon pads - strength teflon pads, it feels more fluently when you are moving the mouse
Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse
Back of the box
  • Wired, optical mouse
  • 1000CPI resolution
  • 3 buttons (Left, Right & Center)
  • Teflon pads
  • Illuminated front
  • Colors: Gold, Black, Blue
  • Compatible with Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
  • Plug & Play
Other designs

Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse

Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse

Where to buy?

You can either visit a physical store/shop, buy online or meet up. The price for the mouse varies but so far the store price is much cheaper than the online though some stores may be out of stock.

I bought the Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse at Octagon Megamall, it is displayed in the mouse section of the store, you will know it by a bigger box. It's price is around PHP395.00 only!

In case you wanted the online shops or meetups, here are the sources I found in Google:

Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse


The Newmen Iron man G306 Gaming Mouse is pretty good and solid for the budget! It is design wise and have a cool look for your gaming needs. Although it is not a hardcore gaming mouse and it lacks some shortcut buttons than other gaming mouse, it is still a must grab mouse and even non-gamers can get it. I'm pretty sure geeks will love this mouse.


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