Gaming mice are really expensive most of the time. Brands like Razer, R.A.T, Logitech and etc. priced their gaming mices really high. In that sense, not all hard core gamers could have a mouse that suits their needs. 

Dragonwar Leviathan Gaming Mice
Meet Leviathan!

Fortunately there is a Japanese Electronic Brand that brings the best of a high quality gaming mouseto the masses named Dragonwar. Last 2012 I've tried a gaming mice "Elephant Dragunov" which is now named "Dragonwar Dragunov". Before they have 3 gaming mices that are priced under 500 Pesos Only! Namely Dragunov, Astra and Leviathan. Now they have 3 new more models namely Phantom I really wanted to get Leviathan that time but it is lower spec'ed than Dragunov and Astra. Last December 2013 my Dragunov finally died and I was looking for a replacement. Then I found the new and improved Leviathan, from only 2600dpi max speed it's now at 3200dpi (I really need a highspeed dpi because of my laptop's resolution) LOL which is on the same level with Dragunov and Astra. Viola, that was the buying signal.

I got the item and here it is now...

Dragonwar Leviathan Gaming Mice
Game mode on!
Dragonwar Leviathan Impressions

Wow these rocks and doesn't feel cheap at all, overall I'm quite impressed on how it is built right now compared before. It's rubber matte doesn't seem to fade easily like the problem I have with the old version of Dragunov. Build quality of this baby is really up to the standards of the higher end ones. I really like its braided cables for added durability and the Gold Plated USB Plug for a better connections.


  • 6 Programmable Keys
  • 4 Speed DPI
  • 800 - Transparent
  • 1600 - Blue
  • 2400 - Red
  • 3200 - Purple

I'm not sure if the weight stability was present in the previous version but that feature definitely adds precision and control.


Dragonwar Leviathan Gaming Mice
Dragonwar Free Gaming Mouse Mat


  • Product Code: ELE-G1 (Black)
  • Gaming mouse with 5 control buttons
  • Mouse cable length 1.4 meters
  • Suitable for almost every surface
  • Ergonomic design for right-handers
  • Special gaming laser sensor with revolutionary 2600 dpi
  • Mouse mat is provided
  • Interface: USB
  • Resolution: 800/ 1200/ 1800/ 2600 dpi with different sensor colors
  • Dimension: W69 x D120 x H39 mm
  • Weight: 98 g


Dragonwar Gaming Mouse offerings are definitely price defying! Build is excellent, the only con I see here for some is it's a wired mouse. Oh by the way most of the true geeks still values wired gadgets over the wireless ones.

Kudos to Dragonwar for bringing this gaming mouse machine for the masses! It's a must have for budget gamers! Lets play!


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Dragonwar Leviathan Website
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