One of the successful clothing lines our generation has identified and grew up with has announced they are closing the business for good. The Perfect White Shirt official statement as seen on their official Facebook page is pasted below: 

Hey Everyone!

We are sad to announce that The Perfect White Shirt is closing for good.

Unfortunately, after over a decade of providing you with the best quality merch we possibly can...

All things (even the good ones) must come to an end.

In our pursuit to provide you the perfect shirt, we've discovered what we do isn't just about clothing.

Beyond the apparel and accessories, it’s not the quality or designs that allowed TPWS to thrive for 14 long years...

It’s YOU. 

The fact you're reading this, possibly at home in a decade old Little Miss Shirt or Harry Potter House Shirt, reminds us that TPWS was a dear friend to us as it was to you.

So thank you, dears friends and customers.

WITHOUT YOU, we wouldn't have grown our brand from Multiply to eight mall outlets.

WITHOUT YOU, we wouldn't have gone from just selling plain whites to selling hoodies, keychains, necklaces, bracelets, or even license plates.

WITHOUT YOU, we wouldn't care less to write this post at all.

You've helped us and TPWS become more than a clothing store...

You've helped us build and strengthen relationships, make special occasions more special and bring meaning to the things we love on screen, among others.

YOU have made The Perfect White Shirt more fun -- which is arguably what makes any journey worthwhile.

So for all this, from the bottom of our hearts...THANK YOU.

And as a sign of our gratitude, even though this good thing must come to an end...

We'd like to invite you to celebrate with us.


We're clearing out our warehouse we're offering a MASSIVE 60% OFF on all items in our store!

Our P500 shirts are down to P200 each (any design) and our P1,000-hoodies are down to P400 each (any design), and everything else in our store is on our biggest sale ever.

Here's how you can join in the fun:

1. Head over to our store at

2. Pick out your favorite apparel and accessories

3. Send us a DM for your orders and/or inquiries

4. Send your payment through GCash or bank transfers to lock-in your merch

5. Wait for your goodies to be delivered at your doorstep

(Optional Step: Visit us at our Pasig Warehouse and get your merch right then and there.)

Stocks are limited so make sure you grab your favorites before someone else does. 🙂

Thank you again for your support. And we really hope to see you again in the future.

Wishing you all the best and fun in life,

The Perfect White Shirt Team


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Facebook: The Perfect White Shirt
Instagram: theperfectwhiteshirttpws
Contact number: Smart: 0910 007 8656

Thank you, The Perfect White Shirt! 'Til next adventure!

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