Lately, Flash launched a “Life with Metal” photography campaign on its official website, covering six countries: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. It is reported that a total of more than 2,000 pieces of photographs have been received within only ten days and the click counts on the web page of the event have exceeded 160,000. The photographers took photos of a variety of metal objects from rings, automobiles to an iron tower, revealing the art of life in the form of photography.

Flash's Life with Metal Photography Competition
Notably, this event is not merely a photography campaign, for it has sent an important signal that “Flash is soon to launch a new product”. On the homepage of the event, it is said that Flash is going to select 10 excellent photographs from each country that will be displayed with signature of photographers during the new product launch event. Also, the prize-winning photographers of every country will each get a new smart phone as a gift. Does this suggest that Flash is soon to hold the new product launch event and release the latest smart phone?

According to the previous product releases, it’s highly likely that a new product of Flash will make its debut very soon. Up till now, the Flash series have already had three models of smart phones: Flash launched in September 2014, Flash Plus in May 2015, and Flash 2 in September 2015. According to such a tempo, the unknown fourth model is very likely to come in no time. What’s more, the Flash series once had created phenomenal e-commerce sales craze in Southeast Asia, with enormous market potential and consumer needs: Flash Plus once set the record of selling out 100 units in one minute while Flash 2 became the sales champion of Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform Lazada for the same price range within one month of being placed in market - it regained popularity during the December 12th promo with sales volume up close to those of Apple and Samsung. Given such favorable market situation, if Flash “strikes iron while it is hot” to launch a new product, it will be sure to reset the sales record of smart phones.

An even bolder guess would be that from the theme of the photography competition - “Life with Metal”, we could probably tell something about the new smart phone’s configuration. Does taking photos of metal objects in life indicate the two selling points of the new phone - metal and photography?  Will the new product be made in metal and have an exceptional visual and photographic function?

Starting from Flash, the first model, mobigraph has become a vital gene of the Flash series, with inheritance and innovation being done on Flash Plus. The third model, Flash 2, has even become a pioneer that challenges conventional cameras with a superb photographing experience. Therefore, it can be reasonably said that the new product is highly probably to continue the photography DNA, with powerful photo-taking functions. While none of the three models of Flash has to do with metal, it is possible to adopt a metal frame, making an innovative attempt and breakthrough.

At the moment, Flash has not officially released any exact information about the new product. However, the series of products have got a couple of labels by word of mouth - “exceptional camera, fashionable appearance, and strong performance”, and they are becoming more and more popular in market. So, this new phone must be worth expecting.

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