The National Telecommunications Commission (PH) intervenes on the alarming Short Message Service (SMS) spam-based to fraudulent messages nationwide. A memorandum to telecommunications industry has been placed:

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Citing from the GSM Association/Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA). 2013. A White Paper – November 2013: Mandatory Registration of Prepaid SIM Card Users:

The arising need and risks for the registration of prepaid Subscriber Identity/Identification Module (SIM) can be traced back as early as (perhaps, even earlier than) 2013. 

A number of PH Senate Bills have been filed for this cause. As the information epidemic (infodemic) becomes more prevalent, the current modus operandi (even if done out of fun), can actually monetize and/or obtain sensitive personal information that can extend to identity theft and even serious legal matters on the participating end. To balance, this in turn, can actually strengthen our country in terms of laws, guidelines, and implementations on cybersecurity threats and the likes. Systems and processes have gone digital, anyway. Nevertheless, let's continue to stay vigilant and extra cautious in disclosing personal information, especially now that we are months away from the national elections. 

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