More often than not, the rain gets a bad rap because it cancels plans, makes everyone at work sleepy, and obliges you to bring a heavy umbrella that doesn’t match your outfit. But staying in doesn’t have to be upsetting. Despite these inconveniences, Taiwan Excellence premium-grade devices are great companions at home.

Craft your own relaxing haven

Set your mood at home with Daqi Concept Inc.'s JinGoo Wireless Audio Light. Masquerading as a bird in a cage, this audio player produces beautiful light and sound to drive gloominess away from your home. You can enjoy music, ignore the harsh sound of the rain, and read your favorite novel throughout the day. Its wooden cage base is a powerful subwoofer to make sound more natural. This allows music to reach every corner of your abode without taking too much space. 

At night, eliminate stress with Tokuyo Biotech Co., Ltd.'s massage chair. The unique egg-shaped seat helps you sleep soundly and deeply while massaging the back of your calf. This is also equipped with acupressure and air massage, effective for those who suffer from headache, ocular, toothache, and throat pain. 

No excuses to skip the gym

You work hard to get fit, whether by having killer runs or striving for a new personal best in your bench press. Don't let the rain make you skip a workout. Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd. has its cutting-edge treadmill. This beautifully simple equipment is designed to fit any contemporary living space. Moreover, its easy-to-access console can help you conveniently utilize the whole fitness rig.

To make exercise more productive, couple it with the SINGTEX Industrial Co., Ltd. top gear. It provides you with great comfort while running in the treadmill as it is crafted with natural raw materials such as recycled coffee grounds combined with biodegradable wood pulp for the fabric components. It has an odor-control function that can absorb moisture and unpleasant body smell twice as much as others so you can stop worrying from getting your sweat all over the place. With its slim-shape cuts, this apparel can be used for yoga, hikes, aerobics, and even work.

Catch up on your favorite shows

Queue feel-good movies using Optoma's UHD65 4K Home Cinema Projector to make a small theater in your entertainment room. This 4K UHD Display brings accurate, razor sharp, high-quality images. Enjoy the whole film even during dark scenes as it has brighter whites and deeper black levels.

Moreover, you'll never get distracted while binge-viewing your favorite TV series. This projector is the quietest high-grade home cinema device ever created. Its noise is only at 25 decibels; that is softer than a whisper, allowing you to hear only the audio of the movie.

Warm food for cold days

One of the most important things to have during the rainy season is a hot and hearty meal. Tatung Co. releases its Fusion Cooker Plus. It is a flexible kitchen device that can be both a cooker and a pot to serve meals and warm your tummy.

The cooker is designed to have a powerless heat preservation plate that can warm rice or food for up to two hours. This allows you to save more energy and electricity. 

Moreover, it has a 3-millimeter thick inner pot with DAIKIN non-stick coating that offers conduction and storage. This way, you can preserve your food a little longer.

Deal with the wet season with these industry-leading gadgets. These breakthrough innovations are carefully tested and sealed by TAITRA with the guidance from Bureau of Foreign Trade to promote Taiwan’s revolutionary products.

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