Relationships are very fragile than we actually know. What would you do if you were not able to talk to your loved ones for months on end? You may not realize it, but connecting nature using tech solves more problems than you may think.

From relationships with our parents, colleagues, friends or even our pets, technology plays an important role. In this article, we are going to try and understand two modern phenomena; the rise of technology and the destruction of actual nature.

Technology is growing and can help simulate our nature experience. They are digitally presented in the form of VR simulators, video games and nature documentaries. Television networks such as Animal Planet, National Geographic present us with mediated digital experiences. Robotic Pets have been selling big on Walmart are foreshadowing our future with actual pets.

How Can Tech Help You Get Closer to Nature?
Combining tech and nature is beneficial. For instance, studies show that a person working in an office with a window garden is happier than with no window at all. They are more likely to be productive and happier in the workplace. And since you wouldn’t be able to have an office out there by the farmhouse, you need to depend on technology.

With the urban lives that we live today, it’s easy to get disconnected from nature. With technology though, you don’t have to worry about it.

Why is it Important to Stay Close to Nature?
Concerns have been raised on how we are alienating ourselves with the real nature. Unfortunately, human beings are not even aware of what is happening. Each generation has been exposed to the environmental condition in its natural state since childhood. The amount of environmental degradation is increasing and ‘pollution’ becomes the new normal. Without the proper awareness, it could get difficult to deal with environmental issues.
Now, there are some people who believe they could survive even a changing nature. Some believe that they could survive a world with fewer trees. Or perhaps, a world that is laden with plastic.

The perception is that we are adaptive species thus we do not have to worry about the effects of degradation. However, it doesn’t work that way.

Let us think about it - one hundred years to come will the earth be able to fully sustain 9 billion people? 

Understanding the Effects on the Environment
We have all witnessed community or international debates on the effects of degrading environment. However, the bottom line is how it is affecting our health, material possession and our income.

We are restricting ourselves and caging our free spirit like animals. Nature and human beings are one.

And it is here where technology can help.

Technology can help us create indoor gardens. It can help us create and grow our own farm plants, right in our home. It can help us stimulate virtual reality so that we can feel closer to nature. And it can help increase awareness about the importance of conserving nature.

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