Pokemon GO Official has revealed the three Pokemon GO Team Leaders that you will encounter and can assist you throughout your progress in the game.

Pokemon GO Team Leaders - Candela, Blanche and Spark
Pokemon GO Team Leaders - Candela, Blanche & Spark

The three revealed Pokemon GO leaders are Professor Willow's three assistant. The Team Valor (Red) is led by Candela, Team Mystic's leader is Blanche and Team Instinct leader is led by Spark. You can officially join any of these three teams once you reach level 5 in the game.

With just Japan has been able to play the game recently, the Pokemon GO has rolled-out in France too. We'll the game is starting to roll out in near countries, we just hope it would reach the Philippines as well. For more Pokemon GO updates, always check out or website or our Geeky Pinas Facebook page here.

Source: Pokemon GO Facebook

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