Great news for Alcatel Flash 2 fans/owners out there! After months of waiting for an update, Chan Jerry (Shadow), a Product Manager from Flash, has posted in Flash's Community website that there is now an available Marshmallow 1.7 upgrade for the Alcatel Flash 2 (now Flash 2 as the company separated from Alcatel).

Flash 2 Marshmallow v1.7 Upgrade

What makes Flash 2 users excited is that the Android Marshmallow features a lot of things including the Google Now on Tap, Adopted Storage, Android Pay, System UI Tuner, clearer permission systems, improved copy & pasting, Doze for better battery saving and a new app drawer look. While Marshmallow is not a major update for Android, it includes a lot of better features than Kitkat.

Steps on how to upgrade from v3.8 to Marshmallow v1.7
Please kindly read all the below details before starting your installation in the v1.7 Marshmallow to your Flash 2 as problems may arise if you will not follow these steps, also upgrade on your own risk. If you find this risky, kindly wait for the OTA update soon, although there's no official announcement when.

1. Required System Version: 
Only the v3.8 can upgrade to Marshmallow. Other versions need to first update to v3.8.

2. Available Space: 
At least 2GB is needed to download and install the update.

3. Battery should at least 50% or simply charge when upgrading to avoid low battery.

4. Warnings before upgrading
  • Make sure your Flash 2 smartphone is unrooted.
  • Backup all your data before installing as the update, as it will clear your entire phone’s data.
  • Also remove your SD Card before you install it as it maybe cleared as well

5. How to update:

6. Time duration: 
The entire installation process will take up to 20 minutes.

7. Download the update file here:
Size: 932MB

What's new in the Flash 2's new Marshmallow v1.7 Update?
1. Update the system to Marshmallow
2. Update Android security patch level
3. New quick shortcuts in status bar
4. Turbo download
5. Voice unlock screen
6. Improves battery consumption
7. Clear all feature in multi-task screen
8. Improve experience on chrome
9. App permission management
10. Search bar for quickly searching apps
11. Provide more photo sizes in camera
12. Track Mode, Multi-Angle Mode, Live Photo Mode as they are not supported on Marshmallow
13. Does not support to access OTG file in file manager, as requested by Marshmallow
14. Does not support to install apps to sd card as requested by Marshmallow

Warning again: it's for the version 3.8 only! Unrooted phone only, backup your data and remove the SD Card.

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