To allow contact centers to run campaigns with minimal capital requirement and faster deployment, local cloud services and data center pioneer IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc.) recently launched IPC VOICES, its on-demand, cloud-based call center solution for BPO companies. This straightforward, plug and play technology within the robust infrastructure of IPC Data Centers was developed in partnership with Australia-based BlueCloud Technology, a company specializing in cloud-based applications for call centers.

As IPC VOICES is a cloud service, it is an application that’s subscribed to and paid for on a monthly basis and can be up and running in a very short time. This is perfect for BPOs that need immediate expansion to accommodate new campaigns, or those that are just starting up. It is also an ideal disaster recovery and business continuity contingency. All an agent needs is a computer, a  headset, and internet connectivity to use the application. 

"VOICES is not just your run-of-the-mill call center solution. It doesn’t only address common operational pain points in BPOs but also highlights resiliency, accessibility and adaptability,” said IPC Director for Product Management and Marketing NiƱo Valmonte. “Being locally hosted in IPC Data Center, users of the application benefit from a globally-compliant, state-of-the-art facility and robust network infrastructure which ensures availability and security for their business operations.”

VOICES, according to IPC, is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Call Exchange Suite.

With IPC VOICES installed, contact center agents can work from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. Administrators can also make necessary system changes even through their mobile devices. “We consider this an important feature for high-risk countries such as the Philippines. This product provides contact centers a contingency plan in the event of a calamity or a breach in their physical offices,” BlueCloud Co-founder and CEO Antoine Nookadu explained.

Apart from the innate business continuity and disaster recovery proposition, the bigger contact centers stand to benefit from IPC VOICES as they are given flexibility in deploying agent seats faster. Meanwhile, SMEs will benefit from the subscription-based service delivery as they would not need to shell out a huge capital to use IPC VOICES.  

“This solution requires no upfront investment from the client and will allow them to set up the system instantly. It actually boosts the business of the contact center. If you look at IPC VOICES from a business development standpoint, it actually serves as a catalyst to attract more business. Instead of being seen as a cost component to a campaign, the technology becomes part of the selling proposition,” noted Valmonte. 

The typical set-up of a contact center consists of servers, telephony equipment, handsets and PCs. Since IPC VOICES is cloud-based, the need for the aforementioned equipment is done away with and only the following are needed: a computer with a headset, stable internet connection and VoIP call minutes. This significantly lowers the cost of the contact center, enabling them to focus more on productivity.

With regard to productivity, Nookadu explained that IPC VOICES has built-in features that help streamline the agents’ work, promoting first call resolution and faster handling times. Some of these features include an automated script for the agents to use, a robust database that automatically displays relevant client information upon receipt of the call, and a call disposition feature that will allow the agent to appropriately “tag” the last received call based on the resolution.

The partnership between IPC and BlueCloud Australia stems from a common desire between the two companies to bring operational efficiency via the cloud to Filipino businesses, particularly to the bustling BPO sector. 

“We now urge an industry that has been around for decades to start using a cloud-based system that works. This will revolutionize the business of contact centers, accelerating growth and helping gain traction in an economy that has already gone digital,” concluded Valmonte.

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