Globe is upgrading its customer experience through the roll out of its free premium public WiFi service, GoWiFi, to more locations. It is currently active in most Ayala Malls around the country. A high-speed internet connection of up to 100 Mbps, GoWiFi will be enhanced with Accelerator at selected locations, which lets users enjoy the most popular videos on YouTube with less buffering.

Globe GoWiFi

Of the many activities Filipinos do on their mobile phones, watching videos on YouTube is one of the most popular. On a standard connection, one may experience pauses while playing a video as the material downloads at the same time. Buffering happens when the device plays the video faster than it downloads.

This paved the way for Globe to boost GoWiFi hotspots with Accelerator to improve the YouTube viewing experience. As a result, customers connected to GoWiFi will not only be able to explore the full Internet on their mobile devices, but through Accelerator, they will also notice a significant improvement when viewing much of YouTube’s most popular content.

GoWiFi locations equipped with Accelerator store over 150,000 of the most viewed YouTube videos on the local WiFi network, allowing videos to start more quickly and play with less buffering.

To experience Accelerator, users just need to connect to the GoWiFi network, install and open the YouTube app on their Android devices, then simply click on any video with the teal Accelerator icon   to enjoy watching the video without the wait. Accelerator can be enjoyed for as long as the access to GoWiFi is active.  You can find more info on Accelerator, plus a map of all locations with Accelerator at

“Every Filipino deserves access to a rich and immersive online experience. With the expansion of our GoWiFi service, everyone who connects to it will have access to a seamless WiFi network and a secure connection for worry-free browsing. Combined with the capabilities of Accelerator, users can enjoy watching the most popular videos on YouTube on their smartphones with significantly improved streaming,” says Senior Advisor for Consumer Business, Dan Horan.

Alongside significant improvements in video streaming on mobile, GoWiFi is also a secure access point compared to other public domains. GoWiFi is open to all who visit any Ayala Mall. Globe and non-Globe customers alike will be able to experience the free and fast GoWiFi connection. Users just need to connect to the Ayala Malls GoWiFi signal and register their mobile number. A verification code with instructions will be sent to their phone to complete the connection.

On GoWiFi, mall goers at any Ayala Mall will also have access to the Ayala Malls A-Portal. A convenient mobile app, it lets one stay updated on the newest shopping promos and dining perks, as well as news about upcoming events, cinema schedules, restaurants, lounges, and transportation hubs.

Globe will continue to activate more GoWiFi hotspots in major metropolitan areas nationwide throughout the year.

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