Finding the right smartphone to use outdoors in rough and rugged situations can be something of a challenge.  Most smartphones simply won't hold up under the pressure.  X-Systems, experts in designing and manufacturing outdoor and industrial phones and tablets, have recently released their X-Tel 7500 Smartphone to solve this problem and the response has been enthusiastic.
X-Tel 7500 Smartphone

There's a certain kind of person, who lives a rugged lifestyle either for recreation or occupation, who need a smartphone that's quite a bit removed from the norm.   Experts agree, “normal” smartphones are just not designed for everything the outdoors can and will deliver.  Fortunately, now there's a very functional, stylish and affordable solution – the X-Tel 7500.  The X-Tel 7500, recently released by upcoming leaders in outdoor and industrial phones and tablets, X-Systems, has been designed the meet the challenges of the outdoors, overcome them and operate without missing a beat.  Early reviews from customers have been passionate.

“We are very excited about the release of the X-Tel 7500 and what it brings to our customers,”  commented a spokesperson from the company.  “We believe pretty gadgets are great, however you can have a smartphone which looks ergonomic, smooth and built to withstand all attacks from the outside due to its honeycomb outer and inside casing. What kind of smart phone would you choose, one that would break with one bump or a worry free and life proof smart phone such as the X-Tel 7500 ?”

According to the company, the X-Tel 7500 comes with very robust features, including:  Hydro IPS HD screen technology which creates an immersive viewing experience; the fastest mobile processor available on the market today, the ARM Cortex-A7 running the latest version of Nucleus Android; Gorilla Glass screen class 2;  2G and 3G; very accurate GPS; MMS; Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; plus an E-Compass and Gyroscope; dual-sim; and a 8.0 MP Camera.
X-Tel 7500

The X-Tel 7500 is an innovative and extreme smartphone with the highest grade material and components of very durable Terra IP68/IPX8 housing and military standard standards. You will be surprised by the compact and smooth finished design without taking its durability. 

Why did X-Systems choose for an IP68/IPX8 protection? Well imagine, you want to swim in the sea or beautiful lake and you don't want to leave your phone on shore, and you want to take it with you in the water and even use it by making some incredible under water photos.  With IP68/IPX8 you can go until 2 meters under water for about 60 minutes. Even more cool is the fact the smartphones aren't just water proof they are even oil-, mud-, soap- and sea water proof!
X-Tel 7500

Reviews from both early customers and from within the industry have been completely positive.

The Product Manager of Germany's largest telecom provider remarked during the recent CeBIT Hannover 4G X-Tel smart phone release,:“With the X-Tel smartphone every smart industrial company and contractor will have good reason not to give his staff and employees a iPhone or Galaxy anymore.”

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