Ever wonder to play chess on Facebook Messenger with a friend? Now you can directly play in the chat box by simply typing a special phrase that would launch the hidden chess game.
Facebook Messenger Hidden Chess

Check out the following steps:

1. In the messenger chatbox with a friend, type @fbchess play and the chess board will appear, by default your friend goes first.

2. You can select a piece using the following:

K - king
Q - queen
B - bishop
N - knight
R - rook
P - pawn

3. Add the letter and number which represents the space you want to move the chess piece of choice on the board.

As for an example, you can type @fbchess Nc3 to move the Knight so on and so forth.

If you want a larger view of the board, if you are using a Desktop PC / Laptop, you can click the "See Full Conversation." Also you can always check out for tips and advice by typing @fbchess help

Cool isn't it? There maybe better chess games out there but this one can be easy played and interactive to play to anyone you know with Facebook.

Source: BetaNews

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