Emperor's Dice - SEA is now live and it comes with Southeast Asian languages. Localized by Korean mobile game publisher OnPlay, the game can now be set to Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese or Filipino. Bahasa Indonesia will be released soon. Get it now on Google Play and be on the conquest to become strongest warlord!

The game goes live in the following countries on these dates:
  • January 12: Thailand and Philippines 
  • January 15: Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam 
  • January 18: Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore

Emperor’s Dice is set in China’s Three Kingdoms. At the beginning of the game, you are given the choice to play as Liu Bei, Cao Cao or Sun Quan. These three warlords fought for supremacy in China. Liu Bei was the founder of the Shu empire, Cao Cao laid the foundations of the Wei empire, and Sun Quan established the Wu empire.

The main goal of the game is to expand your empire by conquering lands. You can become stronger by summoning generals and improving their stats.

The game board consists of the lands to vanquish. You can successfully conquer forts by sending the troops of the toughest general. The stage has a set of objectives which need to be completed within a specified number of turns. You are supplied with a number of soldiers. You are defeated once the soldier count reaches zero.

There is a single player mode called Unification wherein you conquer lands to broaden your kingdom. The multiplayer mode allows you to battle players from other countries real-time.
Emperor’s Dice can be played for free. But if you want to enjoy more benefits from the game, you have the option to purchase its premium currency. 

Emperor's Dice Video Trailer

Let’s get rich by facing the strongest generals and conquering their forts!
Download Emperor’s Dice - SEA on Google Play: http://bit.ly/22WiTEt
Emperor’s Dice - SEA Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/emperorsdicesea/ (PR)

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