Emperor’s Dice, a mobile board game localized by Korean game publisher OnPlay, makes it to the top 20 of Google Play charts in its service areas. To thank the players who downloaded the game, the team behind the Three Kingdoms inspired board game will be giving away loads of items through various events.

This February, Emperor’s Dice players will receive different items daily. OnPlay will also give a total of 100 USD worth of items to celebrate this achievement. Users have to log in to see and collect their bonuses. The exact details on these game events will be placed on the official Facebook pages of Emperor’s Dice.

The game is currently available in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan and is supporting the local languages of the said countries with the addition of Bahasa Indonesia. The game’s release in other SEA countries has been pushed back until further notice.

In Emperor’s Dice, the conquest continues on the board. Players begin by choosing from the three warlords who bravely fought for supremacy in China: Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan. In Chinese history, Liu Bei became the lord of Shu, Sun Quan became the lord of Wu. Cao Cao founded Wei which eventually became Cao Wei.

The board game starts with an auto rock-paper-scissors game to determine who goes first. Each player is supplied with a number of soldiers. These are to be stationed in the lands that the player conquers. When the soldier count turns zero, the player loses. The board has lands to vanquish and squares that make fortunate and unfortunate events happen. You can increase your chances of winning by strengthening your generals and lords and purchasing items.

Emperor’s Dice has a single player campaign called Unification. This mode lets you expand your land by playing and progressing through stages. It also features a multiplayer mode which allows you to enjoy the board game with friends and players from other countries.
Emperor’s Dice is a free-to-play game with an option to buy gold bars, its premium currency. Having this currency allows you to get better items and summons.

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