Sparklist, the classifieds mobile app that safely connects buyers and sellers in the same area, is coming to the Philippines and has started a fashion competition to celebrate the soft launch of the app.
Sparklist is coming to the Philippines

The company wants to involve selected people to try out Sparklist before it’s even available for the general public. Because of that, the first step of the launch targets influencers and their followers as its main audience. Nalla Karunanithy, founder of Sparklist, explains the choice: “We want this special audience to experiment Sparklist and recommend it to their friends, so we have a really nice crowd inside the app, making exciting listings and connections. We want to offer interesting products, and enable people to connect inside a safe and attractive community”.

The competition 
To participate, simply download the app and create a listing. Creating more listings increases the chances of winning! Early adopters of Sparklist in the Philippines are able to post their products in the app between December 7 2015 and January 17 2016 to participate in the competition. The 1st winner will be announced on Christmas day, and wins a (double) surprise prize. On 18th of January, the 3 winners of Kate Spade or Longchamp Bags will be announced.

The app 
Sparklist is a peer-to-peer classifieds mobile app that safely connects buyers and sellers in the same area. Buyers can browse through different categories and find a wide variety of goods. Sellers list their products by snapping a photo with their smartphone and directly posting it, with price and description. As an additional feature, the platform allows customers to keep their contact details private. At Sparklist they can chat within the app, negotiate prices and build trust. 

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