iflix, Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service, offering subscribers unlimited access to tens of thousands of hours of entertainment for a low monthly price, is pleased to announce the launch of its game changing Download and Watch Offline feature. iflix is one of the first and only subscription streaming services in the world to offer this feature on this scale.

Watch offline via iflix

Subscribers can now download thousands of TV shows and movies from iflix’s vast library, including highly acclaimed, award winning exclusives Mr. Robot and Fargo for offline viewing. Available for both the Company’s Android and iOS offerings for smartphones and tablets, Download and Watch Offline allows iflix subscribers to download and enjoy the content of their choosing without a wi-fi connection and without incurring prohibitive mobile data costs as part of their subscription, for no additional charge. Each television episode or movie can be downloaded as a low, medium or high quality file to best accommodate the storage capacity of users’ devices.

The introduction of Download and Watch Offline, following on the Company’s integration with Google Chromecast, enables iflix to offer consumers a complete entertainment solution whether they are in their living room or on the go, from any mobile, tablet, laptop or television set, with or without an Internet connection.

Said Mark Britt, iflix Group CEO: “Download and Watch Offline is a game changer for us and represents a huge competitve leap forward for iflix. We are proud to be one of the first online subscription streaming services in the world to offer offline viewing. Wherever our subscribers are, on a plane, traveling, on vacation, or anywhere in the world, they can enjoy their favourite programmes regardless of Internet availability.”

“iflix has been created to address the demands and challenges faced by consumers in emerging markets, including inconsistent infrastructure, and expensive and limiited mobile data allowances. The launch of Download and Watch Offline is a testament to our commitment to provide the best service and experience possible to our subscribers.”

Now available in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, iflix will continue to roll out its world-class service to additional key Southeast Asian markets in coming months. With over 850,000 subscribers less than 6 months since launching, iflix offers consumers the largest library of top Hollywood, Asian regional, and local TV shows and movies available in the region.  Each subscription allows users to access the service on up to five devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, and television sets, for viewing wherever, whenever. The service is affordably priced at only P129 per month in the Philippines for unlimited access with no ads!
For new subscribers, iflix offers a complimentary 30-day trial with full access to iflix’s world-class service, features and content, with no credit card or payment details required. Go to www.iflix.com to register. (PR)

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