Oasis Powerhouse, the fastest growing renewable energy systems provider in Canada, launched in the Philippines last October 13, 2015.

Oasis Powerhouse

It offers a unique revolutionary technology called, “The Oasis Powerhouse,” which is composed of a three-source energy supply system that combines geo/solar thermal heating systems, solar panels, and a wind turbine to generate power.  This kind of clean technology will enable us to reduce our carbon footprint and save on energy costs at the same time.

Archie Guvi, CEO of Oasis Powerhouse

“The idea of generating enough energy to power your own home and pay for it by reducing, or even eliminating, hydro and gas bills is very attractive”, says Archie Guvi, CEO for Oasis Powerhouse.

Oasis Powerhouse aims to help Filipinos turn their homes “net-zero”, meaning the annual energy consumption and carbon emissions of an average home add up to zero.  This will help families and businesses lower electric bills while helping save the environment.

Archie Guvi, CEO of Oasis Powerhouse

Oasis Powerhouse is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, with propriety parts sourced from local and suppliers with reputations for reliability.

For more information you can contact: Acey dela Cruz (acey.delacruz@yahoo.com)
or visit their website at: www.oasispowerhouse.com

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