Google will release two upcoming handsets as per rumors say. There will be a smaller version which will be called Nexus 5X and a bigger one Nexus 6P that is allegedly to have a built-in 128GB of internal storage. Whoa!
Huawei Nexu 6P pictures
Huawei Nexus
As per the source - Android Police the upcoming Nexus phone will be exclusively manufactured by Huawei, there will be 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options, and there will be no 16GB variant. At last more storage space for Nexus phones, as they're known for non-expandable storage.

Google has sent invitation for an event that will be on September 29th. We can finally confirm these rumors and see what other things they can offer with Nexus smartphones this time around. We're pretty excited about this, we'll release about this, so stay tuned to us!

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