Choosing the right gaming mouse has become underrated these days. Most folks simply pick one randomly from the shelf or buy one just because of high review scores, without knowing exactly what specifications they are getting.

That could work for some, but for others it may lead to a less-than-optimal experience. You could end up grappling with an uncomfortable mouse that does not suit your grip. Not good, if you are already struggling to fend off opponents in a game. When you factor in the long gaming sessions, you could end up with very sore palms. 

If you are into real-time strategy games like Starcraft 2
Everyone who loves real-time strategy games knows a slim, low profile with a great ergonomic feel makes for a great palm-gaming experience. And even if you like to move the mouse around primarily with your fingers, the low profile is going to be less intrusive, creating faster movement across the screen. Most real-time strategy gamers do a lot of actions per minute, so a good mouse resolution (and thus accuracy) will help reduce unnecessary motions.

In our testing, we found many mice that fit the bill. Generally the lower the mice were, the faster the  horizontal and up-down movement, and they usually had better-feel as well, with great-feeling buttons and smooth sliding to boot. There were many winners in this category but one that really stood out the most: The Razer Deathadder Chroma.

Razer Deathadder Chroma

The Deathadder Chroma is low, but it still has that good palm 'bump' to allow for great palm pushing. The fact that Razer decided to go with great rubber grips at the side and a smooth textured polycarbonate feel that has no kinks and is seamless, makes for not-so-terrible long sessions. As a fine, little touch that could make every single gaming session a meaningful and unique one, you can customise the lighting to your heart's content. Feeling blue? Maybe a fiery red could spur you on.

When you throw in one of the highest dot-per-inch (DPI) resolutions and a solid click-wheel in a gaming mouse, the Razer Deathadder Chroma reveals its true prowess as a RTS gaming mouse. A 10,000 DPI optical sensor in a movement package of 300 inch-per-second speeds and 50G acceleration makes for really fast snapping but with great organic smoothness within every inch. Achieving 200 actions per minute (the true measure of a great Korean RTS player) is certainly possible with this great gaming mouse. Like a true king of the snakes,  the Deathadder Chroma stands the highest in lethal efficiency and brilliant colour back-lighting.

If you are into first-person shooters like Call of Duty
This conqueror of a mouse is, hands down, the best all-around gaming mouse you can get today. It does an exceptional job maneuvering through real-time strategy games, with its really-low profile that arches just right, although the Deathadder wins out in its feel and ergonomics. It could even be an above-average choice for a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) gaming mouse, although the Proteus Core G502 doesn't have the greatest of button placements for fast-commands in a MOBA game. The G502, though, was really built for the first-person shooter. 
Logitech Proteus Core G502
How the G502 truly excels in an all-around capacity stems in the weight-tuning you can do below the mouse. Simply add on the weights according to where you want the most heft. It will really pay-off in whether you want to palm or go with fingers. You could also create RTS dynamics that needs a little more weight, or a lighter first-person shooter feel, where speed matters far above everything else.

Image credit to Logitech

The slimmer profile here would give the G502 quicker turns around in a first-person shooter game ultimately, while pushing the upper-crust of 12,000 DPI while also going 200 inch per second, which are specifications that are no joke. You would definitely be getting an edge-up with this exceptional gaming mouse, if not completely dominating the competition in your game.

If you into MOBAs like DOTA 2 and League of Legends
Razer Naga Hex

In a MOBA, quick commands are crucial. Your heroes in the game must be able to come up with the right spells and attacks exactly when you need them, which is where the quick command buttons on the Razer Naga Hex come into play. Casting a summoner spell without fumbling around the keyboard keys is key in League of Legends. The Naga Hex just happens to do that really well with buttons that can be clicked 250 times per minute. Talk about fast sorcery.  

The chrome exterior and ergonomic curves push this premium feeling mouse further, and the really capable 5000 DPI sensor really helps move things along really well in a MOBA game, which doesn't require the fastest or the most precise of movements. There are many comparable MOBA-focused competitors like the Corsair Scimitar RGB, but the buttons on the Naga Hex feel far more premium and durable, and you want that dependability to take you into the ‘fourth quarter’ of many long games. 

With these three choices, you won't need to pay exorbitantly high prices and they are all certainly reasonably affordable for gaming, but for the best mouse for each style of game it would be the best to go for these three respectively.

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