This is the reason why Cherry Mobile has been quiet lately as they're brewing something special for us. They just teased and announced the Cherry Mobile Alpha Prime at the Computex Taipei 2015 which is probably the first announced Windows 10 smartphone in the world!

Cherry Mobile Alpha Prime Teased At Computex 2015! The First Windows 10 Smartphone?
Cherry Mobile Alpha Prime
The first announced Windows 10 smartphone in the world?

We all know about the OS months ago and it will be available on smartphones too, but even Microsoft is yet to officially announce their first Windows 10 handset. Many are speculating that it will be called the Microsoft Lumia 940XL as the leaks suggest, but nobody except Cherry Mobile teased a Windows 10 handset. This could be something that the local company should be proud of.

If I'm wrong then, I'm wrong. :)

While we don't have that much information about the specs except that it will have LTE connectivity, price and availability of the handset. This is a very exciting news as the new Windows 10 appears to be a very promising multi platform operating system. Given that name "Prime" this handset could be a powerful one and I'm hoping that it will really be.


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