The use of laser presenters is very popular to the trainer, teachers and students nowadays when making presentations because it gives you that wonderful feeling of control over your work. For the 2 weeks, we've had a chance to review the Targus P21 Green Laser Presenter and it was a delight. Find out why in this review.

Targus P21 Pro Green Laser Presenter Review!
Meet the Targus P21 Laser Presenter

Targus P21 Pro Green Laser Presenter Review!
The packaging
Targus P21 Pro Green Laser Presenter Review!
Inside the packaging
When it comes to the packaging you get a simple one from Targus here. After taking out the presenter from the hard plastic, you'll see the user guide, the Bluetooth USB connector and the presenter itself. The device also comes with stocked 2 x AAA Energizer MAX batteries. 

  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
  • Battery: 2X Triple A
  • ColorBlack
  • Size: 4.65” x 1.67” x 1,16”
  • Weight: 2.12 oz
  • Compatibility: Plug and play (Works on PC and Mac)
  • Price: PHP 4,999

Build Quality

Targus P21 Pro Green Laser Presenter Review!
It feels great to hold!
This is one of the spots where the Targus P21 shines! It's made out of a sturdy looking plastic body with a very good and comfortable to hold design. I also loved the way they didn't exaggerate the look of this presenter to give it that professional feel. Overall, this should last for a while with proper use and care. Just don't abuse it, any gadget that's abused will eventually break.

Targus P21 Pro Green Laser Presenter Review!
Put your triple A batteries here! Check out the grip too!

Targus P21 Pro Green Laser Presenter Review!
Presentation test
The Targus P21 Pro Green Laser Presenter is the machine that you should not forget aside from your laptop when making business presentations! Just plug and play it with your PC or Mac and viola you're good to go. I didn't have any problems connecting this from my Windows devices.

It makes you move freely without the hassle of clicking your computer's keyboard all the time to slide left or right. It also has that easy to understand buttons layout which will make you figure it out easily even at your first use. Then the integrated green laser pointer was quite strong to make it really noticeable when you're pointing at a highlight on your presentation. Take note the green laser pointer is really bright.

Personally, I loved the way that I can go far from the end of our 80 sqm room and it still works perfectly. It is stated that the RF 2.4 GHz tech that they're using works up to 50 ft away which could be great when you're doing a presentation on a large place.

Pro's - Ergonomic and minimalist design, does the job excellently, feels great to hold, plug and play

Con's - batteries not rechargable,

Suggestion - The next version of this should have a microUSB port for charging purposes.


If you're looking for a great reliable presenter the Targus P21 Pro Green Laser Presenter should be considered. It has that nice classy professional looking design, long range control capabilities, bright laser lights for highlighting your presentations and easy to use keys. In that case, you'll be able to do your presentations with ease, move freely and be more confident that could impress anyone with your performance. This would be great for students, professors and anybody who'd like to do a hassle free presentation.
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