Historically, after the invention of wheel, printing press is thought to be the biggest revolutionary thing ever happened to humankind. In the modern world, that biggest revolutionary thing is none other than the untrammeled advance of technology. Looking closely at these three phenomena, it becomes clear that the common factor among them is they mobility and dynamism they brought to society.

The fluidity of ideas and their transfer from one part of the world to the other is more than astonishing. Take the internet for example and the way it has shaped our modern day societies will tell you a lot. 

Along with the internet came the idea of e-commerce. If everyone is on the internet then why not make business transactions through internet as well. So, from manual day to day business dealings, we have reached a point where we only have to click a cursor to get our desired object. Online shopping places such as Kaymu.ph has more or less everything at their disposal for online shoppers.

E-Commerce & Today’s World

E-commerce has made a permanent place in everyone’s future. You can’t escape the fact. It is no longer about making some online deals once in while rather it is part of your everyday routine. Whether it is through smartphones, tabs, laptops or personal computers, the connection to the internet is inexorable. Once you’re connected to the internet, you don’t spend entire time tweeting or on some other social media platform. They inevitably get onto other objects not for the sake of experimentation alone but more out of necessity.

E-commerce, after all, offers a lot of comfort and convenience. OLX Philippines offers the customer to sell their used or new items. So, once you’re fed-up using some item or want to try a new one, you have the option to put it up for sale immediately. This is how technology has formed the new society.

Erasing the Distance

Of course one of the biggest miracles technology has rendered is the ever-diminishing distance between the people. Nothing is out of reach for anyone. No matter what part of the world you live in (barring Saharan or Amazonian plains) you are connected to your loved ones.

Rampant digitization

The rampant digitization of data is once again a miracle of the modern day technology. This helps us save our environment from a lot of pollution. Trees and forests are being cut down for the sake of making papers. But kindles and tabs have saved the environment from further deterioration. One device is enough to save millions of books. No need to carry all the weight with you. Just buy a kindle and enjoy reading.

The bottom-line is that there are not enough ways in which you can sum the impact of technology especially internet in your everyday life. No way it is possible to escape from this dread.
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