I know we're familiar already with smartphones that have built in projectors just like what Samsung did before. We are also familiar with Lenovo's capability to make a tablet with built in pico projectors in them. So it all makes sense, Lenovo just unveiled a new smartphone that has a revolutionary laser projector!

Lenovo Smartcast, A Weird, Cool New Laser Projector Phone!
Transform any surface into a touch display! That's super cool!
It's different from all the other portable projectors we've seen in the market as it can recognize hand gestures, so users can project a keyboard, play games and do other amazing things by on a desk or wall aside from turning your white wall into a big enough screen.

Check this video out on how it works!

I've seen this in a number of iPhone concepts before and I didn't expect it to be a reality this soon and surprisingly it's who did it! There's no word on the official pricing, entire specifications and release date yet. We'll just an eye on this.


Lenovo Tech World Youtube
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